Thank you for your interest in AutoShare, which will soon change its name to Enterprise CarShare!

Please complete and submit the following Roaming Membership Agreement.

Please note that by completing this application you authorize your current Car Share Organization (CSO) to release your member information to AutoShare for consideration of a membership with AutoShareAutoShare will not release, reuse or resell your information without your direct written consent.

Your application will be processed once we confirm you qualify (2 to 3 business days), we will send you an email detailing how to finish your sign-up process.

All plan fees apply. Plan fees (for the rate plan you choose) will be billed on your first invoice. We recommend that you join in our Simple rate plan (if you choose Simple, we will apply a one-time credit of $45 which is equal to the Simple Annual Fee).

You should be able to drive within days!

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New Applicant - Member Application Form

Friday, November 27, 2015
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Please select a password to be used for online reservations, and a PIN for telephone reservations.

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Payment Information

AutoShare protects your personal and financial information using Secured Servers (SSL - 128 bit encryption) and encrypted transfer technology (PGP - 4096 bit), and ensures that secure Visa, Mastercard, and American Express payments are made with our ecommerce partners Moneris Solutions, through their eSELECTplus secure payment service.

Credit Card Information

AutoShare Payment Policy

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Collision Deductible (Click here for more information)
Insurance Deductible Terms

The standard insurance deductible is $750. Members are responsible for the vehicles during their reservations and have to pay the deductible if there is damage.

There are Two Programs for Reducing Your Insurance Deductible to $0:

Reducing via Eligible Credit Card:

Members may request to reduce their Deductible Amount through select eligible Canadian VISA or MasterCards with Collision coverage. Credit Card $0 Deductible Waiver forms are available here. You must complete and submit the form in order to have coverage.

To indicate you are interested in this Deductible Program, select the Program titled, "$0 Deductible - Waiver Required Eligible Credit Card", and clicking the, "I Accept/Continue" button on this page. This program is not active until we receive your signed waiver form.

Reducing via $65 Annual Fee:

If you would like to sign up for this option, select the Program titled, "$0 Deductible - via $65 Annual Fee".

I understand that:
  • I need to report any damage that occurs during my reservation immediately by calling the AutoShare office at 416.340.7888 (after hours I can report to the Reservation Line at 416-840-4444).
  • Coverage will be limited to one single incident with a maximum of $750 for the incident (cover the cost of the deductible one-time); after which I will be responsible for the regular insurance deductible unless I re-enroll in the $0 Deductible program.
  • I/we need to remain a member in good standing by paying any driving estimates and/or monthly invoices on time.
  • I am not purchasing, nor is AutoShare selling, insurance through this agreement
  • This program applies to 1 or 2 person households only.
  • I understand that AutoShare may decide that I am ineligible to re-enroll and will notify me of this decision.

This coverage does not include any loss arising directly or indirectly from:

  • Damage caused by incorrect fuelling
  • Damage to the inside of the vehicle
  • Un-repairable tire damage (e.g. tire driven on while flat)
  • Personal injury or damage to property
  • Third party liability
  • Dishonest, fraudulent or criminal acts
  • Violations of the Terms and Conditions;
  • Intentional damage to the reserved vehicle by the member

I also understand that my reduced ($0) deductible will be active after AutoShare has:

  • Received my acceptance of these terms by selecting the Program titled, "$0 Deductible - via $65/Annual Fee" in the drop down box and clicking the, "I Accept/Continue" button on this page.

Extra Applicant Information
How did you first hear about AutoShare? *
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What are the top 3 reasons you chose AutoShare?
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Membership Materials
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I recognize:

  • that if AutoShare accepts my Application, the Application will become a binding contract, and
  • that Autoshare's Acceptance of my Application is subject to AutoShare receiving verification from my home carshare that I am a member in good standing and that I meet AutoShare's Insurance criteria. The process must be completed before a Roaming Membership is activated.

I will read through the online welcome pages http://autoshare.com/welcome/ and I will follow the guidelines, procedures and policies provided on the four pages (‘WELCOME’, ‘RESERVING’, ‘DRIVING’ & ‘FINE PRINT’).

I agree to observe the Terms and Conditions of Membership which describe the rights and responsibilities of Members and AutoShare, and which will be made available to me online and upon request. I recognize that AutoShare may amend the Terms and Conditions of Membership and Price List therein at any time.

If my Application is accepted AutoShare will, subject to all the Terms and Conditions of Membership and this application:

  • provide me with access to vehicles owned or rented by it, and
  • pay for vehicle related expenses such as gas, tires, maintenance and certain repairs.

I understand that AutoShare will endeavor to ensure vehicles are clean, reliable and well maintained and will periodically inspect the vehicles. However, I recognize that:

  • members share responsibility for the maintenance and safety of vehicles by promptly reporting any problems;
  • AutoShare's periodic inspection of vehicles is supplementary to the inspection of vehicles by members;
  • AutoShare does not make any representations or warranties as to the fitness or condition of any vehicle.

I will be responsible for paying any fees owing to Autoshare arising out of my use of AutoShare vehicles in addition to any monthly or annual fees. I agree that this money will be a debt due and payable to AutoShare and that AutoShare has a lien on any Deposit (deposit required for pre-paid 'credit' cards, and unreliable credit cards please see our Payment Policy) that I have made to cover the full amount owing. I understand that AutoShare will ensure that vehciles are insured under a standard insurance policy.

I understand that I am responsible for the Insurance Deductible (as defined in the Terms and Conditions) and any costs not covered by the insurance on claims where I am at fault. I further understand that I will be charged for repairs less than the Insurance Deductible where I am at fault.

I recognize that AutoShare will not give me any warranty or guarantee except as follows:

AutoShare will use reasonable care in the performance of its services. Autoshare will have a program of regular maintenance and will deal in a reasonable way with defects that are reported to it. However, AutoShare will not be liable to me for any damages or losses however caused arising out of or in connection with:

  • a vehicle not being available when it was supposed to be: and/or
  • any malfunction of or deficiency in a vehicle, whether or not by accident, physical injury or property damage results; and or
  • any defect in a vehicle, or any breach of warranty or other obligation by any manufacturer or supplier or repairer of a vehicle

The above expresses the full obligation of AutoShare to the Member and is instead of a warranty, whether expressed or implied. In no event will AutoShare be liable for any damage or injury to persons or property, or loss of profits, or any indirect or consequential damages, however caused.

I also understand that any refund due to me (deposit required for pre-paid 'credit' cards, and unreliable credit cards please see our Payment Policy) requires notice to AutoShare in writing and will be paid 90 days after my final invoice has been issued and paid AND ONLY AFTER any other monies owed to AutoShare have been paid.

In the case where there are multiple drivers on the account, I take responsibility for the other drivers on the account. AutoShare can place liens against the deposit and the account for debts due and owing from any driver on the account.

In the case where there are multiple drivers on the account, I understand that our liability for the account is both joint and severable.

In the case where there are multiple drivers on the account, I understand that any refunds will be made payable to the main member only.

I understand and accept
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